Negotiation – การเจรจาต่อรอง

Negotiation is an art as well as a science.

  1. The key success of Negotiation is to make everyone win and/or success

  2. Starting from define your own success or goal (what u want)

  3. Then define their version of success (what they want)

  4. A good negotiation is the ability to show your opposition (or your clients) that your proposal is good for them.

  5. You must keep in mind that a good negotiation is not a fight or a competition. It’s not about having one winner VS. one loser. It’s about figuring out a good agreement that everyone will win or be happy with the deal.

  6. A good negotiation should end with equal satisfaction on both sides but people on the two sides don’t need to get equal amounts of profit or the same kind of things. The most important thing is to make people feel that they get what they deserve.

  7. Good negotiator must first make his offer worthwhile by showing himself to be a valuable person.

  8. Making yourself a valuable person depends on many factors, both internally and externally, including good image, competence, and social status.

  9. The better social status of the negotiator can be an advantage in the negotiation in terms of trust and power.

  10. Establishing yourself as someone that people respect or admire will give you a greater chance of negotiating success.

  11. Leadership is important, in order to succeed in the negotiation you must have a mindset of a good leader, so you will be able to control the direction of the negotiation.

  12. Good leadership makes it easy for negotiators to gain credibility and conformity based on the belief that you will not take advantage of them but will bring everyone the right benefits.

  13. A good understanding of other people’s thoughts, feelings, needs, desires, expectations and having empathy will give you a better chance of negotiating success.​

  14. Be blunt, tough and private about  what you want, how you feel or what you think it’s right. Be accommodating in public.

  15. Presenting that you respect the right of the people on the other side to have different opinions.

  16. A good negotiator should have the ability to foresee the consequences in all directions of possible agreement, so you can determine the best alternative for yourself and the other.

  17. Honesty-based negotiation is the best, but a good negotiation strategy and tactics are essential. You have to be able to restrain your temper, your impulsiveness, your anger in order to keep listening to the other side and looking into their eyes and try to determine when they are serious or when they are bluffing. All these things are human nature but doing it in high pressure circumstances. And they will forget what you will not do.

  18. Always keep in mind that life is all about imperfections and uncertainty. Always prepare and expect the unexpected and have a plan B.

  19. Agree to disagree. You must learn to accept that every disagreement does not need to be a fight. A good negotiator must respect other people’s taste, decision, opinion, beliefs and logic because we have different backgrounds, different preferences and have different judgments.

  20. Wish for the BEST and prepare for the WORST.

There are 3 things that always happened in negotiations

- Bully

- Pressure

- Fool


  • I want you to succeed but you have to define your success

  • Before you go in to negotiate you should know deep down inside what you will give up and what you won’t.

  • Just like playing chess, one might have to sacrifice one thing for something better. However, you must define the thing that you cannot lose.

  • You have to know when to take a stand

  • Sometimes you have to say No instead of Yes, but you have to know When to Quit.

  • As a negotiator You have to know what you do not do and at some point the people you negotiate with have to know that you won’t do it.

  • If you engage in a serious negotiation  you have to have an absolute conviction  inside yourself that you are doing the right thing to the best of your ability.

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